Image of bloggers Stephanie and Karen.Wrong Turn at Albuquerque is the brainchild of two awkward girls, Stephanie and Karen, that became best friends in 6th grade and grew into only slightly less awkward adults. Finding themselves in “middle age” was a shock to their systems as they weren’t quite sure how they had become tasked with being adults. Still, there they were.

But what do two best friends do when they find themselves there? Well, either devolve into full mental breakdowns or stare life in the face and laugh at it all, which is what they had been doing most of the time anyway.

Ignited with a desire to take life head on and make the most of the craziness around them, Wrong Turn at Albuquerque was born. It’s funny, and it’s painful. It will make you laugh and cry. It’s raw, and it’s real, and we’re all going through it. Let’s go through it together.