Life is a journey.

We hear that a lot, right? It sounds rather cliché (because it is), but it’s totally true. It’s a journey that winds and twists and, often, includes wrong turns.

And, if the journey has brought you here to Wrong Turn at Albuquerque, you’ve managed to find a place where you can let go of the idea that you have to have this life all figured out just because you’re an adult.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to grasp that we’re middle aged some days, isn’t it? We aren’t always sure how we got here and why anyone has entrusted us with adult responsibilities, am I right?

But we’re real and seeking to live a truly authentic life. It’s something that often results in laughter, tears, and/or swear words. It’s something that requires strong Sisters to walk beside. The question is, how and where to find all that?

I’m about building a community of fierce, growth-minded women who embrace their worth and identity.

And I’m so very glad that you’re journey brought you here.