Text-Based Coaching

Which one of these women sounds like you?

You’re busy AF. You’d love nothing more than to take part in a multi-week program to unleash your inner Queen and step into a level of authentic badassery that you’ve only dreamed about thus far but when? How? You don’t have time for another weekly hour-long Zoom call much less the outside “homework” you’ll have to do to really get the full benefit of a program like that. Still, you know that some guidance from a coach could kick up your personal game a notch or two.

Or maybe you’re more of an introvert. Group programs, Zoom calls, and getting vulnerable with yourself in a semi-public way like that are all totally overwhelming. You know you’ve got mad potential, but it all makes you want to hide in a well-constructed blanket fort because it’s already freaking you out just thinking about it.

Or maybe you’ve already stepped into your role as Queen, but you’re experiencing a hurdle that you just can’t seem to make it across. You’re lying awake at night compulsively overthinking a particular scenario. And, you’re smart enough to know that, sometimes, you’re just too close to your own situation to be able to see the solution.

Whichever of those scenarios resonates with you the most, you likely find yourself sitting in front of your computer or phone crying, “Haaaalp!” and wishing you could just have a text-based conversation with someone about it all. Like chatting with your BFF but better.

Well, I got you, Sis. Whether you have a specific situation you’d like to chat about or just need some extra support and guidance, text-based coaching offers an outstanding solution to the busy, overthinking, or not so “out there” Queen (or maybe you’re all of them; that’s okay, too!). You’ll benefit from…

  • Support at a time and place that suits you
  • Coaching that is tailored to your own unique needs
  • Time to reflect on your questions and responses
  • Written record of sessions for future reference
  • Flexible method of working toward your goals and achieving positive change
  • Set appointment times as needed (otherwise, just hit me up whenever you need/want; really!)

Text-based coaching sessions are conducted via Voxer. Coaching is billed monthly (currently $333) with no set number of months required. Each month includes one 30-minute Zoom call.

Note: Because text-based coaching clients are afforded intimate access to me and so that I can offer the kind of attention my clients deserve, I limit the number of clients I work with at any given time.

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