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I Paid My Bills, and I’m Giving Myself a Gold Star For Doing So

I paid my bills this month. I plan on doing it again next month. And the month after. They say

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When You Forget Who You Are

We say that we’re about being real and authentic here at WT@A. That’s totally true, but we also realize that it’s easy to play the “highlight real” on social media. So here’s a “lowlight” for you. Ladies, the last 36 … Continue reading

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All That She Wants…

Like many women, there is a menagerie of insecurity demons that dance about my psyche. Generally speaking, I’m old enough now to know how silence them, but there are those few who persist in whispering in my ear. The loudest … Continue reading

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Give a Girl Some Credit

The only thing worse than having bad credit is having truly crappy credit. What’s even worse than that is having truly crappy credit and the inability to even qualify for anything that would help you begin to improve your credit.

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