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Warrior Woman Wednesday – June 20, 2018

You may not know her name but, damn, you know that face!

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Warrior Woman Wednesday – November 8, 2017

  Helen is a powerhouse. She’s sort of our

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Who Are You – Part Four

Now that you’ve identified, one, that you’re not sure of who you are anymore; two, how to figure out the mystery of finding yourself; and three, how you got off track in the first place; we’re ready to move on … Continue reading

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Who Are You – Part Three

If you’ve been following along in the blog series and you’ve gotten this far, then you’ve been able to identify that the real “you” has gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere. You’ve also begun to examine

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Who Are You – Part Two

So you’ve admitted to yourself that you may not really know who you are anymore. Yes, you love your kids and your job doesn’t completely suck, but who YOU are is up for question these days.

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Who Are You? – Part One

Whoooo are you? Who-oo, who-oo? It’s a question that gets asked over and over again during our lives. When we were first developing an identity, it was an easy question to answer. It went something like,

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When I Am Old…

This lady. There are so many things that I love about this lady. She was in front of me at Costco yesterday when I was there to purchase, among other things,

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