Jeez, it’s hard to know where to start and end something like this.

Photo of Stephanie's three pugs, from behind, lined up next to each other and looking out a screen door.

I’m the mother of three beautiful children in their 20’s, all of whom are out in the wild and living remarkable lives. I’ve been divorced (once) and widowed (once). I am a professional woman and recovering workaholic. I have three pugs – Winston, Nina, and Macy. They kind of came in to the house as the kids started going out.

Generally speaking, I’m a hard person to peg. At once, conventional and quirky; boring and the life of the party; straight-laced and foul-mouthed. I am just as likely to be out listening to music on a Saturday night as I am to be snuggled in bed watching Antiques Roadshow (shhhh… it’s a dirty little secret of mine; I am an addict). I might throw a rollicking party and, just when it hits high gear, disappear to bed, everyone wondering where I’ve gone. “I love you all. Just lock up when it’s over. I’m tired.”

Photo of Stephanie and her late husband Jeff laughing together.

May 21, 2017, I lost my husband of 18 years after a long battle with serious health issues. I miss him. I was incredibly lucky to have the love, friendship and partnership we had. I don’t want to sugar coat anything: we had major mountains to climb. Some of those mountains were just too steep to ascend. Sometimes we let each other down. But, in the end, we gave it everything we had. In that lies the beauty. And we LAUGHED; oh, how we laughed.

Today, I’m navigating single life for, really, the first time since high school. Is that something I thought I would be doing in my fifties? Not at all, but life is to be LIVED. Every single blasted day. That’s my goal. I’m more passionate about achieving that outcome than ever before. Up for the adventure?

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