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Welcome to the Sacred Voice Oracle Deck!


I’ve always been drawn to sacred geometry and the natural cycles we see everywhere in the natural world. It was with this in mind that the Sacred Voice first began whispering to me. I wanted them to represent the beautiful simplicity that we experience every day – the changing of seasons, the lunation of the moon, and the transformative life cycle of the flora and fauna around us.

The Sacred Voice Oracle Deck is comprised of four suits of 13 cards each for a total of 52 cards. This mirrors the four seasons of our 52-week year.

The first suit in the deck is Rest, represented as the blue cards. It’s reflective of that time of year when plants go dormant to store up their energy, animals go into hibernation, and we humans tend to spend more time indoors plotting and planning for what’s to come during warmer weather. Despite its slower nature, though, it can be a time of great power as we go inward to reflect on what has worked and not worked in the seasons before and plan for what is to come.

Next comes the suit of Refresh, represented by the green cards. It correlates to springtime when we see plants, animals, and people begin to emerge from their winter slumber. Sometimes the signs of new life are small as new beginnings are building their momentum, but the excitement and promise that the season symbolizes are embodied in this suit.

The suit of Rise follows and, with it, comes the bright pinks and purples of summertime blooms. It is a suit that represents flourishing growth, expansion, and fully realized abundance. It also symbolizes a time of year that we often associate with freedom, play, and the deliciousness of life.

Finally, we have the suit of Release, represented by the yellowish-orange cards. Reflective of the colors of fall, this suit represents that time of year when we celebrate that which has been as we release it back to Mother Nature. It’s a time of recognizing the dualities in life and how they are mirrored in our own.

All of the cards have messages associated with their corresponding suit but that are applicable to our lives at any time in the calendar year because, just like the seasons, we go through our own cycles of Rest, Refresh, Rise, and Release. The more you use the cards, whether in larger card spreads or in simple, daily single-card pulls, the more you’ll intuitively tune into and align with their guidance.

Whenever you feel the need for inspiration, encouragement, or direction, the Sacred Voice will provide it. Keep your deck in a place where you can easily access it. The more you work with it, the deeper and stronger your inner knowing and your own sacred voice will become.

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If you’re new to reading cards, you’re in for a treat because The Sacred Voice Oracle Deck is one of the easiest decks to work with. You’ve already felt the intuitive pull to them, and that is the first step in the journey toward connecting with your cards. Their simple yet powerful nature makes them a great place to start your card-reading practice. And as your practice deepens, you’ll come to appreciate the simple messages and design as it will allow your sacred voice to easily comingle with that of the Divine.

Step 1
Find a comfortable space and settle in with your cards. Take a deep breath and release anything that may be clouding your mind. Ask the Universe to remove any energy that may not support your highest good and express your gratitude for the message that is about to be revealed.

Step 2
Shuffle your deck while asking your question. This may be a specific question you’re seeking guidance around or it may be as simple as asking what you need to know in that moment or for that day. The method by which you shuffle your cards as well as how you pick your card(s) is unimportant. Do what feels right to you.

Step 3
Draw your card(s). Again, the method you choose is up to you. You can draw from the top of the deck, cut the deck and draw from that spot, fan the cards out in an arc and choose what you’re drawn to, or any other method that suits you. There is no wrong way to do this. Remember, this is about leaning into your own intuition and trusting your own sacred voice. Pay particular attention, though, to any cards that seem to “jump” out of the deck as you shuffle. In my experience, this is often the Universe giving a bit of a shout as to the message it intends to reveal.

Step 4
Record your reading in a notebook or journal such as my Daily Oracle Card Journal. Whether you’ve been reading cards for mere days or for years, I find this practice particularly helpful. Write down the date and the question you asked along with the card(s) you pulled and the meaning of each card. Finally, add your intuitive thoughts and feelings about the message received. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem to make sense in the moment and don’t try to force a meaning that may not be there. Sometimes the logical mind/ego is a bit stubborn toward receiving these messages and that’s why recording your readings is particularly valuable.

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Single Card
If you’re looking for a clear answer or direction. a single card pull can provide a simple and straightforward answer. It’s also the perfect level of simplicity for a daily card pull

3-Card Spread
A 3-card spread tells a simple story. Think of it like a beginning, middle, and end. Card 1 represents where you’re at right now. Card 3 represents the ultimate outcome. Card 2, the middle, is like the bridge that gets you from here to there.

6-Card Spread
This 6-card spread brings a message regarding your path and purpose. Card 1 represents what you should focus on now. Card 2 represents what you should remove focus from at this time. Card 3 represents where your current path is headed if you continue down it. Card 4 represents where your ideal path is headed. Card 5 represents what you can do to align more with your ideal path. Card 6 represents a skill or strength for you to draw upon as you do this.

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be intentional
Be purposeful in your words and actions.
You’ve been spending too much time operating on auto-pilot; going through the motions without really being present. What do you WANT? What do you DESIRE? Only you can truly know this, and only you can articulate it through your words and actions. What are they currently saying? Is the message clear or is it vague and wishy-washy? Get clear on what you want and desire so that you can move in that direction because, without that clarity, you’ll continue to spin your wheels where you’re at. When YOU are clear, the Universe can step forward and deliver.  

be still
Get quiet so you can hear the Universe’s voice.
While it’s true that sometimes the Universe shouts at us to get our attention, more often than not it whispers. If you’ve been struggling to hear its voice, get quiet. Be still. Quit hustling and bustling and multi-tasking until you drop. Just be. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel in your body? What do you hear? The Universe is whispering its divine messages to you each day. Create the space in your world to be able to hear it.

Eliminate the distractions around you.
There’s a reason why you feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions all at once. The distractions and intrusions that surround you are commanding too much attention, and you’ve been allowing them to run the show. Take back your control and eliminate the “noise” around you so that you can focus on what is most important to you right now. This is how you grow. This is how you expand. This is how you achieve whatever you set your mind to!

get ready
Your new reality is just around the corner.
If your plan for making changes in your life is to wait until your new reality arrives before getting started on it, you’re going to be waiting a long time. In fact, it may not come at all. Future you is asking you to get ready for the new reality you’ve been seeking. Do you want to travel internationally? Make sure your passport is current and at the ready. Longing for a new job? Get your resume in order so you can send it out at a moment’s notice. Dreaming of downsizing to the ultimate tiny home? It’s time to start decluttering. The Universe loves action; show it that you’re ready for the future you seek!

go within
You already possess the answer you seek.
Are you walking around with a metaphorical magnifying glass or a pair of binoculars in search of answers? Are you overwhelmed with the possibilities and yet, somehow, nothing seems to fit just right? Just like Dorothy had the ruby slippers on her feet the whole time, you, too, have the answers you’re seeking. They are within you. Stop looking to others to answer your deepest questions or to provide you with a “get rich quick” formula to get what you’re searching for. Quit seeking outside validation. The only validation you need is from yourself. You are the authority on you, and you are the only one who truly knows the desires of your heart. The answers you need reside there.

There is no better investment than yourself.
You’ve spent so much time and energy pouring into others; it’s time to invest in yourself. Take a course or workshop that you’ve been wanting to, learn a new skill, or hire someone to do a job that isn’t in your zone of genius so that you can focus on what is. Nothing is off limits if it makes you feel great. Investing in yourself, in big and small ways, is always a sure bet.

What is the Universe trying to tell you?
Have you heard the whispers of the Universe lately or have you been too caught up in the “noise” around you? Are you seeing the signs that the Universe is working on your behalf or have you been distracted by shiny objects? The Universe is communicating with you every day and in all kinds of ways. If you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, this card is your reminder to listen with your whole spirit.

It’s time to get organized.
You’ve got dreams and goals and hopes and desires but do you have a plan? The Universe loves movement and action, so it’s time to quit dreaming and start doing. What do you need to implement to get going on these hopes and dreams of yours? What can you lay the foundation for now? How can you show the Universe that you’re serious about creating your dream life?

Express gratitude for all that has been.
It’s easy to be grateful for the good things in life; for the good experiences and lessons along the way. But what about the harder ones? When was the last time you expressed gratitude for those? After all, they contributed to you becoming the rockstar individual you are today just as much as the good ones. Have they created your tenacious spirit? Your passion for helping others? Your ability to flex with change? Spend some time giving thanks for the not-so-great times in your life, the difficult people, and the hard losses that have shaped you.

Take time to restore yourself.
If you don’t take time to restore yourself, you’ll have to make time to restore yourself at some point down the road. You may have been feeling sluggish lately in your mind, body, or spirit. Maybe a little of all three? Turn your focus toward addressing this slowdown in energy. Is there something that has been weighing on you heavily? Seen or unseen, conscious or in the subconscious, these things will lower your energetic vibration and take you out of the flow of the Universe. Just as we might lovingly restore an antique piece of furniture, we must do the same with ourselves if we are to experience rejuvination. Metaphorically, however, it requires the scraping away of old paint and sanding off the rough patches so that we can expose the authentic beauty and luster that resides within.

Make yourself a priority.
If the gas gauge on your car read empty, you’d go put some gas in it, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would if you wanted to continue driving anywhere. So why are you skrimping on your self-care? You can’t show up for others if you aren’t showing up for yourself first. Putting yourself at the top of your priority list isn’t a bad thing, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. In fact, if you feel guilty, it really isn’t self-care, is it? Remember, part of the purpose of making yourself a priority is so that you can continue to serve those around you to the best of your capabilities. When you practice ethical selfishness by making yourself a priority, you allow yourself to regroup, rejuvenate, and resuscitate the part of yourself that has been gasping for air. So walk away from your “have to’s” for a moment and step into an activity that will recharge your own batteries.

The Universe has your back!
Most of us have a difficult relationship with trust. We’ve had it broken by others enough times that we aren’t quick to give it. And if by chance we do, we beat ourselves up for doing so later when things turn sour. When this card shows up, it’s your reminder that the Universe is constant. It doesn’t play favorites and doesn’t change its mind from day to day. It will match your energy every time. So if you’re feeling anxious about the future, remember that the Universe has your back. Trust that what you desire is there for you and will be perfectly provided. There’s no need to force things.

Create a clear picture of what you desire.
Imagine desperately wanting a waist-length lavender cardigan sweater with 3/4 sleeves, a round collar, and buttons that look like daisies but, when asked what was on your wish list, you replied with, “Something to wear.” The likelihood of receiving the sweater of your dreams would be pretty slim. The Universe (and you!) are much the same. When you get clear on what you really, really want, your odds of receiving it skyrocket. Quit being vague about your desires! Spend time creating a detailed vision. Bring in all your senses. Bring in emotion and feelings. When you can see it – really, really see it – that’s when dreams become realities!

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be present
Enjoy where you are right here, right now.
Are you focusing too much on what is behind you; what didn’t work out how you planned or how a person made you feel? Are you focusing too much on the future; what could go wrong or anticipating conflicts before they’ve had time to even happen? Either way, you’re missing out on what is happening right now. The Universe is asking you to become more present. Not just to the everyday happenings around you but to the micro-happenings. Savor your morning coffee or tea. Lose yourself watching the wind dance through the trees. Really feel the warmth of the sun tingle on your skin. Be present. Fully sink into where you are right here, right now.

breathe in
Inhale the sweet scent of new beginnings.
When was the last time you focused on your breath? New beginnings are just around the corner and with them comes the sweet smell of possibilities awakened. Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply. Feel the vibrancy of what is coming filling your lungs and radiating out through your entire body. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, take this moment to breathe in what is to come. Express your gratitude for all that is to come as if it’s already here.

Have you been living in black and white? Bring the color back into your world.
A life of mindless routine can quickly lead to the draining of the color in your world. If you’ve drawn this card, this may be how you’re feeling. Drained, plain, and void of vibrancy. This is your call to put some color back into your world. Think of it like the characters in the movie Pleasantville. They are living in black and white, chained to routines, safe experiences, and safe emotions. But, as they have experiences that awaken their soul and their authentic desires, COLOR! Bring color back into your world in a figurative way by shaking up your routine, exploring a new skill, or going on an adventure of sorts, big or small. In a literal way, you can bring color into your world by painting a room in your home, throwing on some vibrantly colored jewelry or clothing, or bringing fresh flowers inside. Whatever you choose, it’s time to ditch the black and white and live the whole rainbow!

Step out of the shadows and into the light.
Unless you’re a mushroom, you won’t experience the growth and transformation you seek unless you step out into the light. Don’t be afraid. Let yourself be seen. Let the world see the imperfect perfection that is you. What’s the point of going to a dance if you don’t get out on the floor, right? Take action. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you do. Just start moving, and the Universe will fall into stride with you.

Step into the energetic current and ride the tide.
Rivers don’t flow in a simple, straight line and neither does energy. Energy isn’t a stagnant thing, either. Just like the river, it flows, and just like the river, it knows where it’s leading you to, how to best get there, and that the end result will be something so magnificent that it takes your breath away. So if you want to be part of it, you need to wade in and let it take you for a ride. Just like the flow of a river, though, fighting against it will leave you exhausted and, likely, choking for air. But when you relax – when you trust the flow – you can lie back and float knowing that the current will ultimately deliver you to your destination.

Expand into every corner of your authenticity.
Nobody puts Baby in the corner, so why are you still sitting there? The Universe is reminding you to quit playing small and expand into every nook and cranny that is available to you. Let the warmth of the Universe nurture you into spreading out and taking up space wherever you go.

Follow your bliss like a feather on the wind.
Has life been feeling heavy? Maybe you’ve been feeling trapped under a heavy load or weighed down and struggling to move forward. This isn’t how life was designed to be. Take a moment to discern what is feeling heavy right now. What would make it feel lighter? Can you walk away from an obligation that no longer serves you? Can you delegate tasks that, realistically, someone else could be doing? And when you’re faced with making decisions, check in with yourself. Does this feel light? Does this give me a feeling of being weightless and free? What can you do today to create a life that feels more light?

Feed your soul with healthy, aligned experiences.
If you’re creating a diet for healthy living, you wouldn’t fill it with junk food, would you? What are you creating your soul diet with? We feed our souls with the people, places, and experiences around us every day. Are you feeding yourself the equivalent of junk food? Empty calories, too much sugar, and too much salt? Worse yet, are you starving yourself? When this card appears, it’s your reminder to nourish yourself with healthy “soul food”. Feed yourself a steady diet of high-vibe people, environments that support your growth, and experiences that fill you up to the brim!

Baby steps count. Keep going!
This is your reminder from the Universe that every step you take toward living a fully expressed, authentic life is valid and valuable. Each one is significant in its own right and contributes to you advancing toward what you’re seeking. You may wobble a bit at the beginning. You may even lose your balance a time or two along the way, but you’re getting there. Remember that finishing a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest is accomplished one step at a time. Celebrate each one as you move toward the life you’re creating for yourself.

Get off the bench and into the game.
Are you sitting on the sidelines of your own life? Are you watching others play while you sit on the bench wishing it was you? This is your permission to rise! Don’t wait to be called into the game, run out into the field and just start playing! The Universe loves movement and action-takers. It’s okay if your actions are messy at first. Perfection isn’t required to make our dreams come true, but action is!

Let that which binds you melt away.
You’ve been frozen in place for far too long. Encased in ice, you’ve been able to see what you want on the outside but have felt powerless to reach it. It’s time to let the warmth of the Universe melt away all that binds you. Watch as it turns to mist and evaporates into the ether. Stretch and flex your muscles as your reach your freed arms wide to embrace your desires.

You are becoming who you’re meant to be.
Growth and change is a process and you’re in it right now. It may seem like it’s taking a long time but every stop along the journey is valuable and is teaching you skills and infusing you with the knowledge that you’ll need in the future. You are transforming, evolving, and becoming the biggest and brightest version of yourself.

wake up
Stop existing and begin LIVING!
Have you been sleepwalking through life? This is your reminder that you’re meant for so much more than merely existing. You are meant to LIVE! Comfort zones, like a cozy bed, are comfortable but the full and purpose-filled, passionate life of your dreams won’t happen there. You’ve got to wake up, wash away the junk food crumbs, and show up! There’s a big, bright world out there waiting for you.

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Abundance is your birthright. CLAIM IT!

Are you under the impression that there are people, places, or experiences that will never be attainable for you? That, somehow, they are meant for others but not for you? That’s like a bird thinking that finding another bird as a mate is out of the realm of possibility or that flying is for the other birds but not for it. The Universe has perfectly provided for every creature of the Universe and that includes YOU! Your desires and dreams are there for a reason and you wouldn’t be given them unless they were a possibility. Abundance, in all things, is the default of the Universe. It is, literally, your birthright when you are born into this Universe. And as a child of the Universe, all you have to do is claim it. Embrace that knowledge deep in your soul. You are worthy and deserving of the abundance you seek in ALL things.

Do something that scares you a little.

When you think about adventure, what comes to mind? Chances are that it involves something like traveling to exotic places and meeting interesting people. But adventure can happen in your own backyard and can be part of your everyday life. Trying a new restaurant, taking a different route to/from work or the grocery store, or enrolling in a fun class at your local community college or center are all great ways to experience something new and gain a new perspective without breaking the bank. Bonus points if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone, too! When you actively engage in adventure, it allows you to grow and expand. It also activates the learning center in your brain and builds confidence, allowing you to excitedly seek out and experience MORE new adventures! And who knows where that could lead?!

Flex your creativity muscles.

You’re surrounded by the energy of the masculine every day – facts, figures, deadlines, and the gray and beige neutrals of the world of corporations. It saturates the world we live in. But the Universe is filled with both masculine and feminine energy, and you should be, too. Invite color and texture and shape into your world. Explore your creative side. Paint, draw, write, photograph, sculpt, build, and by all means, play! You don’t have to be an expert at any of it; just have fun! When you invite creativity into your world, you invite innovation, tap into your problem-solving skills, and open up a portal to your powerful imagination. And, as a bonus, the more you flex your creativity muscles, the stronger they become.

You have permission to take up space.

A rootbound plant will cease to grow, and a rootbound you will have the same problem. You have permission to take up space! Your physical, mental, and spiritual energy wants to move, and it can’t if you’re playing it small or hiding in the shadows. Look at your health in all areas of your life to find where you might be more bound up than is healthy. Do you need a bigger pot somewhere so that your roots have room to breathe? Where can your voice be louder? Where can you be more visible? Where can you grow and expand? You were not meant to stay rootbound and stagnant. You were meant to flourish!

Your potential is limitless.

Infinite – endless, without measure or limit, inconceivably great.
When it comes to your potential, that’s what it is. This card is your reminder that freedom lies within this vast expanse of your potential. Others may attempt to keep you small or within the confines of who they are comfortable with you being, but you’re made for greater things. You are a child of the infinite Universe after all. There is no cap on your creativity, talent, skills, and/or abilities except for the one that you place there.

Root yourself in the energy of nature.

We are energetic beings living in an energetic Universe, but we often find ourselves spending much of our time in environments and experiences that don’t leave us feeling recharged. We live in a low or dead battery state and then just chalk it up to normal life, but living like that is neither normal nor is it ideal. Grounding is a technique that focuses on realigning and recharging your personal electrical energy by reconnecting to nature. When you do, either by going out INTO nature or just bringing nature indoors to be with you through houseplants, soaking in the tub or taking a shower, or getting cozy with a blanket made of natural fibers, you are effectively keeping your energetic battery at a higher level, and that’s where improved physical states, mental clarity, and inspiration begin to flow! You are a natural and energetic being. Unplug yourself from technology and plug yourself into nature.

Take an honest look at what is and isn’t working for you.

You’ve had your head down as you plow forward through life. This card appears to remind you to raise your head and take a good look around. It’s here to shine a light on all that surrounds you and asks that you take stock of where you’re presently at. Be honest with yourself about what and who will continue with you on this journey vs what and who you need to release and move on from.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

It’s time to bring play back into your world. Let your imagination run wild. Let it take you to places where your dreams have no restrictions or limitations. Nothing is impossible. Make a list of all your dreams and desires. Don’t censor yourself. No dream is too big or too small; too simple or too outlandish. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. But you have to dream it first!

Dance in the magic that swirls around you each day.

Are you aware of the magic that surrounds you every day? Better yet, are you actively celebrating it? This is your reminder to become more aware of the enchanting seen and unseen in your everyday life. For example, when you shift your focus from “adding cream and sugar to my morning coffee” to “creating a life-giving elixir”, you invite alchemy into your world. When you “connect with the crows” instead of “tossing out the stale bread into the driveway”, you create the opportunity to commune with the Divine. When you begin to recognize and celebrate the magic that occurs in your world every day, you’ll discover something even more magical. You are magic. You are the embodiment of the Divine. So celebrate, jubilate, and dance!

The seeds of your future are ready to be sown.

Imagine if a vegetable farmer spent month after month, year after year planning and scheming about the perfect crop but never planted it. And what if that farmer, at the same time, was telling people, “Nothing great ever grows in my garden. I just attract dirt.” You’d think they were a bit of a crazy person, wouldn’t you? It’s no different when we dream about our desires but never actually act on them. When this card shows up, it’s your reminder to start planting! The seeds of your future are ready to be sown in the garden of your dreams. It’s time to lovingly put them in the ground and nurture them into existence because, newsflash, they aren’t going to bring you a bountiful harvest if you keep them inside of you for the rest of time. You’ve spent enough time dreaming and planning. It’s time to start planting!

Soak in all the blessings the Universe has provided.

As the Universe pours its goodness on you, whether it’s a single drop or it comes on like a summer storm, drink it all in. Stop what you’re doing long enough to fully experience and appreciate all the goodness that surrounds you. Feel the depth of it in your body. Let it warm you from the inside out. Receive it all with open arms, an open heart, and an open spirit. When you do, you automatically raise your energetic vibration to receive more.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Sometimes we question whether we’re strong enough to face what is before us, whether seen or unseen. This can be because we question our ability to weather a potential storm or because we’re just exhausted from the feeling of having to be “the strong one”. Regardless of the reason, if you’ve received this card, it’s a reminder that you are powerful beyond measure. You have weathered 100% of the storms you’ve encountered thus far, and that’s a pretty good record. Further, your strength is a blessing. It might look nice to be the one who doesn’t have to be strong but where would that leave you? Weak? Nope, that’s not you. You may have battle scars but they are badges of honor that are more proof of the warrior within.

take action
What are you waiting for? The time is NOW!

Are you waiting to have more money saved? To lose the weight? For retirement? For the kids to move out? For next year? For next week? For when it’s warmer? For when it’s not so hot? There are no guarantees in life and time passes regardless of whether we choose to grab life with both hands or to sit in our comfort zone. When you look back a month, a year, or 10 years from now, what will it be filled with? Waiting for the perfect moment or jumping fully into life? This card is your reminder that the time will pass regardless of whether you choose to sit on the bench or get in the game. Do you want to be remembered as the person who led a full life or the person who had a lot of unfulfilled dreams? Stop waiting and start experiencing LIFE!

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What have you been resisting?
You’ve been blocking your energetic flow and it’s preventing you from fully realizing all that is meant for you. It’s been creating a battle within you, and it’s a battle you’ll never win. Unless… Unless you quit resisting. It’s time to begin practicing acceptance. Accepting the version of people that they choose to be. Accepting that your fussing and fighting for control over situations gets you nowhere. Accepting where you are right here and right now. You are energy, and you’re meant to flow! On the other side of resistance is peace. Accept all that is and, while you’re at it, accept that you are powerful, worthy, capable, and wholly deserving of having everything your desire.

Connect with your authentic self.
Have you been feeling out of it? Not quite altogether, a little off-kilter, or like you’re just drifting aimlessly without any real purpose? Have you ever stopped to wonder what that “it” that you feel out of actually is? It’s alignment. Alignment with your authentic self. Just like when a car’s tires are out of alignment, you may feel like you’re dragging and it’s hard to steer. You may be burning more of your precious life fuel, and your braking and handling may be affected. Make an appointment with yourself to get reconnected and aligned with your authentic self so that you can enjoy fewer repairs, optimal steering and handling capabilities, and higher life fuel efficiency. Because when you’re properly aligned, you’ll experience less resistance, which makes for an easier ride.

Embrace the dualities of life.
Ebb and flow. Wax and wane. Expand and contract. These are the dualities we see all around us in nature. There is an equilibrium; a balance that we recognize, honor, and even celebrate. As a creature of the Universe, you are part of that duality as well. Honor the dualities in your own life. The wins and the losses. The giving and receiving. The hanging on and the letting go. When you embrace the dualities, you embrace your whole self.

What is most important to you right now?
You’ve been go-go-going and do-do-doing, but how much of it is really a priority to you? Have you been spending your precious time focused on what’s important to someone else or on tasks that someone else could or should be doing? You only get so many trips around the sun, and you only have this one glorious life to live. So what’s most important to you right now? Not last year. Not next. Right now? Get clear on what that is and don’t waste any more time.

Wash away anything that clouds your vision.
Just like an autumn storm can wash away the months of dry, dusty grime that’s accumulated, you, too, must clean away anything that is clouding your vision of your ideal life. Spend time in quiet meditation and contemplation. What is no longer serving you? What is mucking up the windshield of your life? Wash away outdated ways of thinking and habits that you’ve outgrown. Cleanse yourself of the people, places, activities, and experiences that are not supportive of the dream that you’re creating.

Take aligned risks.
A risk is defined as “a situation involving exposure to danger or loss”. It sounds scary, so it’s no wonder we are typically averse to taking risks. But aligned risks are a different animal. While there is still an element of risk as defined, the potential for danger or loss is reduced. Why? Because these actions are aligned with a purpose; in this case, YOU! When you align your risk-taking with who you authentically are, your core values, and your purposeful goals and aspirations, the chances of your risk-taking being SUCCESSFUL go up dramatically. When you encounter this card, the Universe is reminding you that there’s nothing gained by playing small. Step out of your comfort zone and go for it.

Where have you been holding your breath?
You’ve been holding your breath and your lungs are aching. Exhale. Your anxious anticipation doesn’t serve you nor will it bring you answers any sooner. In fact, it stalls the process. Just like the act of breathing requires air to move in and out of the lungs, the act of living a full life requires you to allow your energy to move as well. Where are you holding your breath? Where have you been cutting yourself off from the Universe? Where are you not allowing your powerful energy to flow? Release it and exhale.

Consciously release yourself and others from the past.
You’ve been stuck in the past and it’s time to let that go. Oftentimes, when we think of forgiveness, we think of it in terms of someone else who has done us wrong in some way. This might be true, but you may also need to forgive yourself for past behaviors, toward others and toward your own self. Remember, whether you were the victim or the perpetrator, you are no longer the person you were then. You have grown, matured, and expanded into your current form. By hanging on to that past version of yourself, you prevent yourself from continuing to move forward. It’s ok to not forget. but you must release yourself and others from the past.

let go
Release what no longer serves you.
Hanging on to what no longer serves you is like trying to put on the pants you wore when you were four years old. No matter how great the color is, how soft the fabric is, or how cute they are, they just don’t fit anymore. And no amount of shoving your foot into one of those itty, bitty pantlegs is going to change that. It’s time to put those cutie-patootie culottes away in favor of something that makes you look and feel great. So clean out your “life closet” and let go of whatever no longer serves you so that you can focus on what does.

Live in harmony with your whole self.
Have you been struggling to feel peace lately? This is your reminder that peace always begins with you… the WHOLE you. It’s easy to be at peace with the parts of yourself that you already love. In fact, when you were very small, you were in love with every single part of yourself. But what about now? What about the parts of you that you aren’t so crazy about? The Universe asks you to fall in love with yourself all over again. When you do, when you experience harmony within yourself, that peace with radiate out to touch everything that surrounds you.

Stop overthinking; get out of your head and into your heart.
There’s something to be said for being a detail-oriented person, but this is your sign that you’ve been too caught up in those details. When this happens, it can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from growing, expanding, and experiencing all that life has to offer you. You have, effectively, been in analysis paralysis. The Universe wants you to move your focus from your head to your heart. What emotions come up for you? How does your body react? What is your soul whispering to you? There is no truer barometer for moving through life than to listen to these messages for they come from the most authentic part of you.

slow down
Quit multi-tasking everything in your life.
In the immortal words of Simon & Garfunkel, slow down; you move too fast. This day/week/month/year/life is not a race, and you don’t have to do it all, all at once. Splitting yourself into so many pieces will ultimately leave you feeling scattered. Practice doing one thing at a time. Focus your attention on whatever is in front of you at the moment. Be present. When you are intentional with your focus and time, you, too, will be singing, “Life, I love you, all is groovy!”

Give yourself over to the Divine.
“Trust me. I know what I’m doing.” You’ve spoken those words before and meant them. You understand this request to let you be in the driver’s seat. This is what the Universe is asking of you now. Trust. Release control. Surrender. There are infinite possibilities within the Universe, and you cannot possibly know them all. But the Universe knows, and it’s asking you to take your hands off the wheel. Trust in its divine timing, guidance, and outcomes.

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