Dig Deep, Grow Strong

Ever felt like you’re not really sure who you are anymore or maybe just need a refresher?

Been there and done that!

I spent years trying to figure out who I was. Chief juice maker, grass stain remover, and problem solver for everyone? Somehow that title didn’t light me up.

After years of searching for the right tools and a whole buttload of trial and error, I’m pleased to say I finally found the always sassy, usually classy, and more than a little smart assy woman I knew had to be hiding in there somewhere.

So when I entered the world of coaching other women to find their authentic selves again, I knew I had to spare them from all those years of trial and error like I went through.  One of the results was the creation of Dig Deep Grow Strong.

This journaling workbook will take you on a 30 day journey like no other. One part book, one part journal, the Dig Deep Grow Strong journaling workbook goes beyond your typical one liner journal prompts.

When the roots of the tree are deep, the tree above can withstand any storm, and so will you when you spend the next 30 days digging deep to answer self-discovery prompts like you’ve never experienced before.

Your download is delivered in a convenient to print .pdf file and is formatted for standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Print it at home or take it to your local print shop to have it done on heavier stock paper, 3-hole punch it, and put it into the binder of your choice.

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