Class – What’s Your Word? 2019


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Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution only to feel like a complete failure a month later? I’ve been there, Sister. More times than you know.

The thing about resolutions is they generally require major changes in our lives. Changes we aren’t really ready for. Changes that our current lifestyle doesn’t fully support and that we have no chance of supporting long term.

And that’s why I no longer make them.

Because willfully setting myself up for failure was like beating my head against a wall and expecting it to eventually stop hurting. It was madness in the making, and it left me in a well of defeat for the entire year.

Enter the “word”. I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept – choosing a word that carries you through the year; a word that is your guiding force as you move through the days, weeks, and months to come.

The challenge? Too often we’re not sure how to find our word. And, if we find it, we’re not always sure how to make it a part of our daily lives after about a week or so. “Now what?” we ask ourselves. Without an answer or a support system to spur us on, we generally forget our word and, once again, go through the motions of a life we’re not completely satisfied with; a hamster on the wheel of life.

And that’s exactly why I developed this class.

There are few things I love more than watching the women around me discover the magic that can be present in their lives. Supporting them as they find the power that is within them makes me giddy. Cheering for them as they excitedly watch their best lives unfold before them is my high.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to transform your life in 2019? Are you ready to make the magic happen?

This class will:

  • take you through the process of identifying your word for the year
  • provide you with the support you need to carry your first-of-the-year enthusiasm all the way through to December.
  • offer weekly downloads that will spur your thinking
  • invite you to challenge yourself
  • keep you focused on all the ways your word can and WILL manifest itself in your daily life
  • participate in a closed, private Facebook group (if you choose) that will allow for a mutually supportive environment

And the best part? You can transform your life in 2019 for less than $3/month! Really! You can’t even grab a mocha-frappa-loca-licious coffee for that amount!

So, I’ll ask you again. Are you ready? Are you ready to transform your life in 2019? Are you ready to make the magic happen?

Because I’m ready to take you on that journey.

C’mon, Sister, let’s take a road trip to your best year ever.



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