Oracle Card Readings

Ready to step into some woo?

If a little woo-woo is intriguing to you, a personalized card reading can definitely deliver. Using my intuitive skills, I align with your energy and the energy of the Universe to bring you a reading that is channeled just for you. You can ask specific questions of your choice or request a general forecast for what’s to come. I do not provide specific time frames in regard to what the cards show as many factors influence time frames and they can, and do, often change.

Your reading will be delivered to you in a .pdf format with photos and a detailed explanation of the reading.

I currently offer the following:

  • 3 – 5 card reading of your choice $30
  • Path and Purpose reading $60
  • 10 card reading of your choice $60
  • 1 Month Forecast $44
  • 3 Month Forecast $55
  • 6 Month Forecast $88
  • 1 Year Forecast $177

Due to the personal nature of readings, please contact me before purchasing. After we’ve had a chance to discuss any specific questions you may be seeking answers to, you’ll be sent a link for instant payment.

Note: I do not do readings related to health or legal matters. Card readings do not replace professional help and should be considered for entertainment purposes.