♪ ♫ I’m a little bit swear-y
She’s a little bit self-control

I’m a little bit “screw this bullshit”
She’s got a little more correctness in her soul ♫ ♪

So that basically sums up Stephanie and I. Don’t get me wrong. Put her in the right situation, and Steph is anything but a shrinking violet. Still, I tend to have the hotter temper and potty-er mouth (yes, I made that word up). It’s a “you keep me sane; I’ll keep you wild” symbiotic relationship of sorts, and it’s worked for us for, yikes, about 40 years.

But, me. Let’s talk about me!

I find that most adults have no idea what to say about themselves when charged with writing an About Me page/section in a profile. Particularly women. As we grow older, I think we forget who we are. Exchanged for a life of responsibilities and becoming who we believe the world around us expects us to be, our true selves become buried in a sea of political correctness, proper social attire, and keeping up with the Jones’s. “What are your hobbies?” social networking profiles ask? Uh…making juice? Sweeping? Removing grass stains? It’s what seems to take up most of my time so that must be it, right?

That was me until I was about 46. And I was, in large part, miserable. I was married with kids and living the suburban lifestyle that many saw as “perfect”. But I knew I wasn’t me. I knew I wasn’t living authentically.

daring greatly (v.) The courage to be vulnerable, to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need, to talk about how you're feeling, to have the hard coversations.

So I chose to begin doing what is called “daring greatly” and it changed my entire life. I began to “show up” for myself. I began to think really hard about what brought me joy. I metaphorically stood naked in front of the mirror to truly see all the places that I wanted and needed to change to become myself again.

Within two years, my life had changed dramatically. I made some huge life changes (hello, divorce after 20+ years together), but I began to feel alive again for the first time in decades. A neighbor of over five years said to me about that time, “You smile again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile this much.” Damn straight. Today, my life is far from “perfect”, but I’m happier and more content than I’ve ever been.

Photo of KarenAside from all of that, though, I’ll say this of myself…

I am an empath that loves people. Their stories of triumph and loss; of heartache and love; of joy and grief.

I’m a creative that can lose herself for hours in Pinterest. Or a coloring book. Or just looking at fonts to download to the computer.

I wear black almost every day and see no reason why Morticia Addams can’t be a role model.

I think chocolate cake and milk for breakfast is perfectly acceptable.

I love the stillness of the forest and the bustle of the city.

A great pair of cowboy boots rule.

I’m an only child (yes, I’m that kid).

I remember the first time I caught sight of my hair underwater. It was beautiful and I knew then that I was really supposed to be a mermaid.

Tinkerbell is my Disney idol. She’s one sassy pixie.

I believe wholeheartedly in the Oxford comma.

James Taylor’s voice does something magical to my soul that I can’t quite explain.

I am a mother, a writer, a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a student.

I am, unapologetically, in love with Sam Elliott.

And I look terrible in orange.