90 Day Best Life Coaching

Are you ready to start your journey toward rediscovering yourself but don’t know where to start?

Are you already moving along in your journey but feeling stuck?

Do you find yourself saying:

  •  I am ready to create more balance in my life.
  •  I am ready to make real and positive changes in my life.
  •  I am ready to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behavior.
  •  I am ready to create plans and take action to achieve my goals.
  •  I am ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment in my life.
  •  I am ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life.
  •  I can benefit from someone who will help me to stay on track.
  •  I am ready to find my voice.

Did you say YES to one or more of those statements?

Then coaching with Karen (me!) might be right for you!

Tapping into your inner potential can be life changing.

Rediscovering the person you were before the world told you who to be can alter your entire existence as you presently know it.

But sometimes you just need someone to come along side you and help guide you on your way. Enter the 90 Day Best Life Coaching package.

Why 90 days? Because, Goldilocks, it’s juuuust right.

Seriously, it’s a time frame that’s not too long and not too short. It allows you to not only create goals but ACHIEVE them, too! And isn’t that what you’re ultimately after?

It also allows you to focus on what’s really important right now.

With year long goals, it’s easy to make the mistake of setting a ton of goals only to find that you never end up achieving any of them. When working with a 90 day time frame, you can focus your energy on what’s currently most important to you.

And speaking of year long goals, do you ever find yourself setting a New Year’s resolution only to feel overwhelmed and quitting months later?

And what do you do then? You wait until the next New Year’s Eve to start over. Not so with a 90 day plan.

When you focus on 90 days at a time, re-sets are a piece of cake because you always have another 90 day window right around the corner. You can easily readjust goals, change your focus, and drop/integrate areas of focus as needed.

Achieving your best life has never been easier!

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s so easy, then why should I invest in coaching?

Let’s be real. If it was so easy to do it all on your own, you’d be doing it already, wouldn’t you? And, if you’re here reading this, my guess is that aren’t already doing it, right?

That’s why working with a coach is so valuable!

When you work with me…

  •  We’ll identify your vision and give it clarity by creating a road map for your next 90 days with actionable steps to allow you to manifest and realize your goals and dreams.
  •  You’ll get weekly one-on-one, check-ins with me. We’ll chat about whatever needs to be chatted about – highs, lows, what’s working, what’s not, and anything else that’s going on in your life because it all affects your success.
  •  You’ll also have exclusive access to me in between our weekly check-ins. Did you experience a curve ball that’s threatened to throw you off course? No problem! Did you have a revelation that may mean a change in direction for you? Not to worry! We’ll tackle it all to keep you on track and moving toward what’s most important to you.
  •  But the most important piece that you’ll get by working with me during this 90 days is you! I’ll be there to support YOU in YOUR JOURNEY. You’ve seen the other coaches that are set on selling your their system for success. Not with me. I believe that one size does NOT fit all. When you work with me, YOU will determine what to focus on and, together, we’ll create a 90 day experience that is custom crafted just for you.


So are you ready to start living your best life?

Say YES! to yourself and let’s get started!

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