To Live With Intention

Have you ever wanted to just buy a ticket to somewhere exotic and run away all alone on an adventure?  Someplace to “find” yourself?

charcoal womanFive years ago, nearing 50, divorced, and with her youngest having just graduated from high school, my friend Kippi was taking stock of her life. She had a career. She had a roof over her head. She had supportive family and friends. Isn’t that what we were told our goals should be when we were growing up? Still, something was missing.

Living intentionally is not an easy thing. It’s easy to talk about, sure. But actually doing it? Well, that’s an entirely different animal.

Recently Kippi reflected on her last five years, and she’s graciously agreed to let me share her post here.

In 2013 I decided to change the course of ‘how’ I lived my life.

Though it would take a few years to adjust the decisions I had made to achieve that, I was focused and determined. I would get off the unfulfilling cycle of how I lived.

What career was calling me? I’d been an interior designer for 20 years, and that was now behind me.

Would I ever marry again? 10 years of wondering.

When will my life be happy?

Where is my focus spiritually?

I decided to use my tax return that year, and one night, alone in my dark room, I said a prayer and asked God to shake up my life. To help me become fearless. I purchased an airline ticket to Italy for 15 days.

Deep regret and fear set in the following day. I had 5 months to prepare to leave my little town bubble I’d carefully lived in and adventure alone at 48 years old for the very first time.

Kippi leaving for Italy
That trip was a life changer for me.

I was wandering the halls of the Galleria dell’Accademia and saw a young girl sketching David. Something in my soul said to me, “You can do that.”

The artists living life off tips from chalking the cobblestone streets of Florence with gorgeous Monet, Botticelli and Davinci captivated me!

sidewalk chalk
“You have never drawn a stick figure in your life!” my brain screamed at me.

But, the desire kept welling up.

I wanted to create. Not just decorate.

Five years ago right now I was in Italy. Alone.

Now, I am an artist. I am married, and I am living my passion with my partner.

God leads my steps while I work very hard, learn, fail, grow and love. 

This Monday is the day you say yes to your purpose and calling!

If I can, YOU CAN! 

Having watched her journey from afar, I can say that it’s been nothing short of amazing, thought provoking, and inspiring to watch.

And let me tell you a little something about this woman. I’ve known her since we were girls. She is tall, beautiful, smart, creative, funny, and one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known. To many she probably gave the appearance of “having it all”.

But when she began this journey – when she began living intentionally – DANG! The quiet explosion of what she has become and continues to become has been mind-blowing.

You have this one life

That’s what living intentionally does.

Today, a mere five years after this life changing trip, she spends her days in her new art studio in Seattle where she creates some of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen and teaches and guides others toward finding their artistic voice.

And she continues to live with intention.


**Please visit the Kiplee Art website, Like her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing art, purchase a piece of your own, and/or register for a class!
All photos are the property of and are used with permission of Kiplee Art.



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  1. I “heart” this! At 56, I’m still trying to find out who I am …. and living as intentionally as possible. When you open yourself up to every possibility, one never knows just where those possibilities will take you.

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