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At Wrong Turn at Albuquerque, we purposely don’t talk politics or religion. It’s just not what our goal is. There are plenty of other places online and off where those things can be discussed. That being said, it would be … Continue reading

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Sh*t Happens

What do you do when everything feels like the stars are aligning in your favor, and then they aren’t?

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To Live With Intention

Have you ever wanted to just buy a ticket to somewhere exotic and run away all alone on an adventure?  Someplace to “find” yourself?

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Strength – A Working Definition

Strength. It’s a powerful word (yeah, I went there). And while men and women the world over define it as 

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The Last First Day

Still recovering from jet lag and getting myself back into my regular routine. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling particularly emotional. Today we had our last first day of school.

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Mom-ing After They Leave the Nest

One of my boys is in the military. Navy to be specific. He left for boot camp just

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