I am Not Crushing It. And That’s Totally Okay.

Remember at the beginning of the year when you made some wonderful New Year’s resolution to become a better person somehow – start going to the gym, learn how to resolutionssurf, do that crazy money challenge to save money that you keep seeing on Pinterest.

So how’s that working out for you now that it’s August?

Yeah, me, either.

This is why people don’t make resolutions. Because sometime around January 17th, you’ve already screwed the pooch and stayed home eating leftover pizza for breakfast instead of sweatin’ to the oldies on the treadmill somewhere. And no matter how great leftover pizza tastes, you can still taste the disappointment and shame at your lack of self control and ability to change your habits sprinkled all over that pie.

Hey, I’m not here to judge, though. I decided I was going to get back into exercising. OK, the 10 pounds I had gained since last summer decided it for me. I know myself well enough, though, to know that I wasn’t going to start exercising on my own here at home. Heaven’s no! That would be too easy. So I forked over a healthy sum to sign up for yoga classes.

I like yoga. I like the results I see and feel in my body when I do yoga. Yoga is good for me. And so were the classes that I went to. All 20% of the ones I signed up for.

I also decided this year that I was going to start taking supplements for my health. You know, a multivitamin, a B-12, fish oil, etc.

But I suck at remembering to take them. I don’t like having the bottles scattered all over the counter but, when I don’t see them, I don’t remember to take them. I caved and pill organizerbought one of those pill organizers. Made me feel old as dirt to do so, but at least they come in a variety of colors. “When I am an old woman, my pill organizer shall be purple!” I declared silently to myself in the self-checkout.

But, as it turns out, I still suck at remembering to take them even with my fancy, schmancy purple pill organizer. That sounds like a song… ♪♫♪ It was a fan-cy, schman-cy purple pill organizer, fan-cy, schman-cy purple pill organizer…♪♫♪ I digress.

The point is, despite not following through on all those yoga classes, the ones I did attend gave me the kick in my bigger butt that I needed to actually start doing some at home. I actually HAVE queued up some YouTube videos of workouts and shakily realized that I am most definitely NOT at the intermediate level yet. I have greeted more than a few days with a sun salutation. I have downward dog’d with my dog.

And even though I still haven’t managed to take my vitamins every single day of any given week, more often than not I am choking down those horse pills at least a few times a week.

HELPFUL HINT – if you’re taking a fish oil supplement, swallow that one first. If you take it last, you may very well end up burping that up throughout the rest of the day and, trust me on this, it is not pleasant to be burping up fish oil all day. Unless, of course, you’re a walrus, which I’m fairly confident no one here is.

The point is, I have not failed. Does everyone who crosses the finish line at a marathon cross at the same time? No. They all still completed the marathon. Maybe they didn’t finish with the time they were hoping to achieve, but they still finished, right?

tree position in yogaThe same is true here. I may not be standing in tree pose four times a week or downing my magnesium supplement daily, but I AM doing more than I was doing before, which was nothing. I was doing nothing before, just so we’re clear on that.

But I refuse to berate myself and tell myself that I have failed. I have not. I might not be finishing my marathon in record time. I might even be walking when I cross the line. But I’m moving forward.

No, I am not crushing it. And that’s totally okay.


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