Warrior Woman Wednesday – June 20, 2018


You may not know her name but, damn, you know that face! Iris Apfel. With her husband, Iris launched and ran Old World Weavers, a textile company in Manhattan specializing in reproduction fabrics from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, for 42 years.

Growing up as an only child in Brooklyn, Iris spent hours entertaining herself with bags of colorful fabric scraps at her grandparents’ home while the adults socialized with one another. If she behaved herself, her grandmother would let her have six scraps to take home. Now known as the First Lady of Fabric, Iris says those early years laid the foundation for her love of textures, colors, and patterns.

And at 96, she’s still going strong and is apologetically eccentric and quirky. We could write pages about her late in life stardom and fame, but we think her own words suit nicely. In her new book, “Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon,” Iris shares these 10 secrets to success:

  1. Don’t obsess over your age
  2. Pick a partner who celebrates your successes
  3. When something excites you, go for it
  4. “To stay young, you have to think young”
  5. Care about your own opinion above anyone else’s
  6. But don’t isolate yourself, either
  7. Money doesn’t buy success
  8. Style is not about spending money
  9. Start new endeavors with one small step
  10. Don’t pretend you are younger than you are

Iris Apfel. You know the face. Now you know the name.

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