Warrior Woman Wednesday – May 30, 2018

Lucille Ball

Icon. We’re sure she didn’t set out in life to be one but, nevertheless, she is.

When we think of Lucy, our thoughts most often go to the wacky housewife from I Love Lucy. The show was a creation of her and Desi’s own and ran for 9 years. Kind of small change by today’s standards. But it endeared her to the world and solidified her place in history. She was a groundbreaker and taught us all that it was okay to be a bit crazy, to laugh at oneself, and that life can be marvelous with one close ride-or-die friend by your side.

And, in an entertainment world solidly dominated by men, Lucy held her own. She was funny. She was smart. But most of all, she had a self-confidence that shined like a diamond. Not necessarily an easy thing to have when you’re a crazy bottle-redhead in a world of Mansfield’s and Monroe’s.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” She got that right.

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