Warrior Woman Wednesday – May 16, 2018

How do you pick your favorite thing about Julia Roberts? Is it

that beautiful frame with legs for days? The smile that comes from her core? The small beauty mark just below her right eye? That laugh that is one of the most genuine laughs we think we’ve ever heard? Or is it the fine combination of southern charm, sass, warmth, and wisdom?

For us, it’s a little of all those things because we can’t just pick one. I mean, what other woman could convince us that working as a prostitute might be a great employment venture?

But it’s the REAL Julia that we really adore. Over the years we’ve watched her grow and mature and come into her own as a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. And we’re sure she’s seen her fair share of people walk away from her over the years.

Having people walk out of our lives is an experience that we can all relate to. What we choose to do with that scenario is not always the same, though. Take a tip from Julia. Remember that, if someone walks away, it simply means that they aren’t tied to your ultimate destiny. It doesn’t mean they were a bad person. Heck, it doesn’t mean that YOU are a bad person. It just means, as she says, that their part of your story is over.

Life moves on, sweet sister. Some people will be there for the entire journey. Others will only be there for a season. Let them go when they leave. Don’t fight it. Rest in the journey and look ahead to the next season.

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