Warrior Woman Wednesday – May 9, 2018


There’s not a single woman I know who has seen the Mary Tyler Moore Show that didn’t feel at least a little bit inspired by

Mary’s charm, easy girl next door likability, quick wit, and refusal to be treated as less than she who she knew herself to be. She’s the first woman I remember seeing on television that was single and, for lack of a better phrase, making it on her own.

But Mary Tyler Moore was so much more than Mary Richards or Laura Petrie (of The Dick Van Dyke Show). She worked tirelessly to advocate for animals, promoted vegetarianism, and was extremely active in doing charity work in relation to diabetes, which she was diagnosed with in 1969.

And she certainly had her share of “not wonderful” events in her life. She was divorced twice, lost her only child to an accidental shooting, and struggled with alcoholism. To say that she was brave would be an understatement. And yet, she pushed through.

In true Mary Richards style, Mary was an example of not letting life get in the way living and reminding us that we might just make it after all.


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