It’s a (Lady) Date!

I asked a girl out on a date and my stomach is in knots waiting for her reply.

OK, to clarify, I have this amazing neighbor. We’ve been neighbors for almost 10 years. Her oldest is the same age as my middle and they were best friends for years. She is cooler than cool but she also has five other children remaining at home to my one. So we talk over the fence and, when the weather is warm, we meet up in the street some evenings with the other neighbors.
two womenBut we’ve always said we should get together and do something. And we never do. Having five kids at home between the ages of 3 and 16 has a way of doing that to a budding friendship. Still, we always talk about it but never do anything about it. So today I did.
There’s a movie coming out that I really want to see. I’m not above going to a movie by myself, but it’s always more fun with a girlfriend, right? So I sent her a message on Facebook without really thinking about it.
But now I’m all clenchy. Which is totally stupid, but I am. I asked someone out. What if she says no? I honestly don’t think she will but those feelings of possible rejection bloomed right there before me the moment I hit send. So silly. Why are we so hard-wired to care so deeply about the smallest of things?
Because they aren’t small. I genuinely like and admire this woman so, obviously, I want her to like and admire me back. We crave connection and acceptance. And that’s kind of funny in a world where we so adamantly declare that we don’t need anyone else’s approval, isn’t it? But this is human nature. It’s a fine tightrope line that we walk.
And if she does say no? That’s ok. It won’t be about me, I know that. It will be because she’s not interested in that particular movie or because of her schedule or any other number of reasons. And even if it were about me? Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I asked a girl out today. And I think she’s going to say yes.

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