Warrior Woman Wednesday – May 2, 2018

Tina Fey

I could start to list all the awards this woman has won but we’d be here until tomorrow. While being one of the most awarded women in TV and film (and stage and…), Fey remains one of the few women in Hollywood that we find to be most relatable.


We love her snark. We love her real-ness. We love that she looks like a normal person. We just want to sit down with her and a couple great bottles of wine and talk about all the weird stuff that best friends talk about when they sit down with a couple of great bottles of wine between them!

But maybe even more than that, we love that she doesn’t let the world get in her way. Just five years after graduating from college, she was hired as a writer on Saturday Night Live, a position she’d been after. And just two years after that, she became the first woman to become a head writer on the long running television series. Those are some crazy amazing accomplishments for a woman before she even turns 30! And you can bet she didn’t get there by being a shrinking violet.

Bitches get stuff done. Hell, yes, they do!

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