Warrior Woman Wednesday – March 28, 2018


Amelia Earhart

She was shy yet charismatic. She was soft but strong. And, if she was nothing else, she was as tenacious as they came. Amelia Earhart wasn’t one to sit by and watch someone else go after the things she dreamed of. She’s been the subject of countless books, television shows, movies, and conversations all around the world. Her fierce independence garnered her world records and achievements that were unheard of for many men of her time.

She really hits the nail on the head with this quote, too. Often, the most difficult part about any task is making the decision to act. It’s so much more comfortable sitting with the devil we know than the one that we don’t, right? Once started, though, the ball has begun rolling and we must merely have the tenacity to stick with it. And the reward? More often than not, it is the fact that we succeeded, in whatever form that takes, and survived what we once thought we may not.

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