Warrior Woman Wednesday – March 14, 2018


Shirley Muldowney

She’s the First Lady of Drag Racing and, if you don’t know her story, you’re missing out. Shirley Muldowney was the first woman to ever receive a license from the National Hot Rod Association – a major accomplishment in 1965 – and went on to not only win the 1971 Spring Nationals but also to be the first person ever to win the association’s Word Fuel Championships on three separate occasions. Known for her love of high heels and a race car that was hot pink, she fought against those that would discount her in the male dominated sport and paved the way for other female racers. Her tenacity kept her on the track and her wins won over the hearts of fans, sponsors, and fellow drivers. We love that, when others hoped she would just go away, she simply pressed the accelerator to the floor.

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