3 Things Thursday – Look What I Did!


Mission accomplished stampThe year is coming to a close and, while most usually wait until right up until the last of it to ask about what you’ve accomplished during the year, we thought we’d ask a little earlier. Why?Because the holidays can be overwhelming. Because many are feeling so worthless right about now and that they can’t seem to get anything right. They’re busting their asses to please everyone else and feeling like they’re not really accomplishing anything for themselves. But is that really the case?

Take a moment just to yourself and think back on your year. Don’t just give it a cursory glance but give it an honest look and think back to where you were at this time last year. What’s changed? Maybe there are things that happened that were out of your control, but how did you make it through? Maybe there are things you orchestrated yourself.

Whatever those things were, celebrate them today. Celebrate the goals, planned or not, accomplished and the lessons learned. It all amounts to growth and that’s the most important part! Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back and share with us what you accomplished this year. We’d love to celebrate with you!


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