3 Things Thursday – Oh, Fudge!


The holiday season is a time of sharing. A time of giving. A time of putting on even more unwanted weight. It starts with Thanksgiving  and the extra helping of sweet potatoes with those little marshmallows on top. It slides through the pie that you eat for breakfast for the next few days after justifying that apples are fruit and pumpkins are vegetables. And it careens with little control into the season of holiday parties and office potlucks filled with more cookies and confections than any human being should be allowed at one sitting.

And we’d like to say that we’re immune to it. That we have somehow learned our lesson after all these years and will “just say no” to the gingerbread people and russian tea cakes and triple chocolate fudge. But we can’t. Because there’s a part of us that has been waiting all year to gobble up these decadent delights.

So what are your weaknesses this time of year? Do you have traditional favorites that you seek out? A special indulgence that you only make this time of year? A secret cookie desire that you cave to? Let us know! Because we’ve got our stretchy pants on and we’re ready to try as many goodies as we can get our sticky hands on!

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