3 Things Thursday – Tell Me What You Want


It’s the gift giving season, soooo tell me what you want, what you really, really want! Sorry, got a little Spice Girls on ya. But really, what do you want? It’s a hard question for many to answer. Less cellulite? My boobs to be in the same place they were when I was 20? Hot flashes only on cold days?

But seriously, our challenge to you today is for you to let your mind go and think of what you really, really want. What, given no limitations, would make your heart sing?

It might be something big and extraordinary like an epic trip or life changing like going back to school.

It might be something middle of the road like that new tablet you’ve had your eye on that would allow you to be more productive or tickets to see your favorite artist or sports team that you’ve never seen in person before.

And, it might be something really simple but that would make a huge difference to you. One year – and this was only a few years ago – I asked for all new big kitchen utensils. You know, the spatulas and serving spoons and tongs and all of that. I realized I had this hodge podge of cheap ass stuff that was bent and mismatched and some of it I’d had since college, and I HATED IT. I can’t tell you what those nicely matching utensils mean to me today.

So what are they? Your 3 things. Money and circumstances are no issue. Just let your heart wander the aisles of life and pick out what it thinks is missing from yours. What are the 3 things you wish for this holiday season?

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