3 Things Thursday – Loving Yourself


Do you love yourself? Really, really love yourself? Some days that’s a hard question to answer. Sure, we give the expected “Of course, I do!” answer, but do we mean it or is it merely lip service? And if you really do mean it, shouldn’t your words be backed up by your actions?

Our challenge to you today is for you to examine that question and then tell us three ways that you show yourself that you love you. What does it look like to you? Because we spend a whole lot of time showing those around us that they are loved. In fact, we’re sure you could come up with several examples of how you show them they’re loved without really even thinking about it too hard. But yourself? Is that something entirely different? It shouldn’t be, should it?

But what if you’re sitting there thinking, “Damn, what do I do to specifically show myself that I love me?” I promise you, you’re not alone. Not even close to being alone. So take this as an opportunity to think about how you’d like to begin that relationship with yourself. Maybe it’s giving yourself to permission to NOT finish all the laundry in one day. Maybe it’s throwing caution to the wind and buying new dishtowels because the one’s you’ve been using no longer look clean even when they are and, damnit, that one with the dancing artichoke just tickles your fancy. Maybe it’s spending 10 minutes before bed to wash your face slowly and purposefully and then smooth on face cream afterward.

Whatever it is, whether you already do it or not, name three things. Because you’re so totally worth it, mama.

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