Taking the First Step

Screen shot of Bugs Bunny lying in the grass with the words "Don't take life too seriously; you'll never get out of it alive."

Black and white silhouette of 4 women with drinks in hands talking to one another.

The first post in a blog is always the hardest.

It’s the metaphorical opening line at the networking event that you’re desperately hoping to actually network at.

It’s the About Me box on every social networking site that you stare at blankly for an hour or so before just typing something like

“Happily married to the man of my dreams with 3 amazing kids. I love my life!”

Yeah…whatever Janet.

Even if it is true that you’re happily married to the man of your dreams and have +/-3 amazing kids and love your life, that isn’t YOU.

And, if there’s one thing that we at Wrong Turn know, it’s that it’s so very easy to put on the perfect face to show the world when the reality is anything but what you’re showing.

So, what is Wrong Turn at Albuquerque all about? Women.

Specifically, older finely seasoned women that have somehow found themselves approaching, or already in, the second half of life and are looking around themselves in shock and asking, “How did I get here? Now what?”

And, if you’re a finely seasoned woman, no doubt, when you hear “Wrong Turn at Albuquerque”, you think of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Because, let’s face it, we all watched those when we were kids.

What exactly does “Wrong Turn at Albuquerque” mean, though? Thankfully, the folks at TV Tropes have done a beautiful job explaining it.

“Named for a frequent setup gag in Bugs Bunny cartoons, Wrong Turn at Albuquerque describes a single wrong or missed turn in a journey that will inevitably land the traveler in a place far divorced from their original goal. The plot then unfolds in one of three ways:

Screen shot of Bugs Bunny cartoon with Bugs playing the fiddle between two men from the Ozarks pulling each other's beard.

Comedy: The traveler encounters many wacky mishaps and quaint natives during their efforts to get back on track.

Drama: The traveler encounters survival situations like finding food and shelter, or else dealing with increasingly limited resources while trying to avoid being eaten by predators or angering local peoples. See Deadly Road Trip.

Screen shot of Bugs Bunny being frightened by Mr. Hyde.

Horror: The traveler finds himself being actively hunted down by some menace (natural or supernatural), not necessarily because of anything the traveler himself has done, but just because It’s What I Do.”

Now, replace the word “traveler” with “woman”, and you’ll probably find yourself nodding your head and muttering something to yourself like…

“Wacky mishaps? Quaint natives? Avoiding being eaten?. Hunted down by some menace? Yes, that’s exactly what my life is like!” And that’s what we thought, too!

Life is all those things and so much more. And, as we move through the second half of life, we’ve found that we have a lot of the same questions and realizations as many of the women around us.

Who am I?

Why are my eyebrows disappearing?

Is this a mood swing or am I just a bitch now?

So, here we are. Wrong Turn at Albuquerque.

Like our tagline says, we’re navigating the second half of life with humor, grace, and a handful of swear words. Hop on the crazy train with us, and let’s go for a ride!

Screen shot of Bugs Bunny lying in the grass with the words

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